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Dulux PC rolls out UV protection at Australia's bowling greens

Dulux PC rolls out UV protection at Australia's bowling greens

Long days standing in the hot sun was once an essential feature of Australian sport. But in the case of lawn bowls, Dulux PC is proud to work with an award-winning Australian business that has created a clever solution to protect players from dangerous UV exposure.

Light Weight Structures designed its award-winning fabric roof to deliver ideal playing conditions at bowling greens in all weather conditions.

Of course, this structure requires its own UV protection – and Dulux Protective Coatings has provided the coatings solution at clubs all around Australia, most recently at Brisbane's Northern Suburbs Bowls Club.

Long-term corrosion protection and easy maintenance are top priorities in coating the steel supports, says Dulux Protective Coatings technical sales representative, Dave Sinclair.

"We provide a PUR5 system (AS/NZS 2312.1:2014), with Weathermax HBR, a two-pack polyurethane, as the topcoat in White. It is a three-product system that can help prevent corrosion in various environments, including coastal locations and high-UV environments."

The steel pipes are prepared with an abrasive blast clean (Class 2.5) and primed with Zincanode 402 with a dry film thickness (DFT) of 75 microns. Duremax GPE at 200 microns adds further protection from the elements before Weathermax HBR is applied at 100 microns.

All coatings are sprayed on before construction. Dave says the tested system adds efficiency to the client's design process.

"The system has been successfully applied in different locations, providing an elegant gloss finish that complements the minimalist design."

Known for delivering extended service periods in high-UV environments, Weathermax HBR is a high build recoatable polyurethane coating. 

"It is robust enough to handle the construction process, and can be easily maintained over the years," Dave adds.

The technical advice specialists at Dulux Protective Coatings offer extensive experience protecting outdoor structures from harsh Australian conditions. Get in touch with the Dulux PC team to discuss your next project

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